What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui means “wind and water” and is about creating the ideal environment in which to live and bring balance to our lives.

How will Feng Shui make a difference to my life?

It all depends what you want to change about your life, whether it’s a new career, new romance, better health or more money. Feng Shui can help achieve all of this, with just a few recommendations and this does not meaning moving furniture around or knocking walls down – it could simply be just changing a picture.

Will a Healthy Home Survey help my health problems?

It will define any issues with Electro Magnetic Fields and Geopathic Stress within your home and Vicky will show you where the problems are in your home. She will give recommendations to alleviate the problems and thereby you gain better health.

What is Geopathic Stress?

Geopathic stress is caused by a disturbance to the earth’s energies and when the earth’s energies have been disturbed and they no longer resonate with our bodies at 7.83 hz then we become ill and at the lower end of the scale can cause insomnia and the higher end cancer, leukaemia, diabetes, alcoholism, hyperactivity in children.

What is involved in a Feng Shui consultation?

A Consultation takes approximately 3-4 hours on site varying on the type of consultation. With 6 hours work off site to complete the consultation, calculations and type the report. If it’s a Healthy Home consultation this is approximately 2 hours

What effect does Space Clearing have?

Space clearing can change the energies in the house with immediate affect where you have stuck negative energy, you can feel tired, tempers fray, people feel ill, but this can be changed with a Space Clearing Ceremony and its recommended when moving into a new home to clear the “predecessor chi” (negative energy of the previous occupants).

How does clutter affect my life?

Clutter can make you feel stuck in a rut, people will not go to your home, you probably cant get through the front door for coats, shoes and clutter. If the clutter is in the centre of your home this will then affect all areas of your life with no income, no luck, divorce and bankruptcy. By clearing the clutter you bring renewed energy into your home and new opportunities.