Feng Shui for House Purchase and Selling

Feng Shui to sell your house

The first impression of a house is the most important when using Feng Shui to sell or a purchase a house.  You need to consider the impression people have of the outside of your home as well as the interior.

Vicky has had great success with her clients who have not been able to sell their homes for 6 years and then after carrying out the consultation and working with the land energies and the guardians of the home, the property has sold within 3 weeks and at the asking price. There have been many success stories of clients who have neighbour disputes and these have been resolved within weeks of the recommendations from Vicky’s consultations.

Consider what you see as you walk up to the front door as its first impressions that count. Decluttering not only inside but outside as this is a very important area and you do not want people to be tripping up on old broken paving slabs, newspapers, items, that have accumulated, that you have never got round to recycling, as they come up the path to the front door – could this be the scene of your home?

Vicky will create the right atmosphere to make the property desirable and “just what we have been looking for”. By decluttering and making effective Feng Shui changes and perhaps even adding a plant or too – your home can be “just perfect” – you might not even want to move yourselves after the consultation.

Vicky will carry out a Space Clearing ceremony to move the “stuck” energy that prevents you from moving on and also welcome the next people who will buy and love your home. You will find that with Space Clearing, decluttering and clearing the “stuck” energy in the home, you are now “ready to move and let go” of the space that you have occupied. Although you have put a For Sale board up you still have to make that final decision to “let go” of that house and focus on the new home that you want and where you want it to be. When you consciously “let go” and know its safe to do so, then the new home of your dreams will come into your life.

You also have to consider Geopathic Stress when selling a home as prospective buyers will not like the energy, intuitively we have gut instincts that tell us when a property “feels” just right and when it doesn’t. Vicky also takes the Geopathic Stress problem into consideration when making her Feng Shui recommendations.

Vicky can help you achieve your goal of selling your property and making your move easier to a new home.  Vicky also carries out pre-purchase surveys to check that the property is a good purchase for each individual.

Contact Vicky for a Consultation: tel: 01279 654129 mob: 07885 945008 email: vickysweetlove@fengshuilife.co.uk 

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