Vicky Sweetlove appearing on Jane Goldman Investigates

Feng Shui articles and tv/radio updates

Feng Shui Expert Q&A Spirit and Destiny Magazine October 2017

Article in The Mail on Sunday on Water Diviner 4th June 2017
‘Gift’: ‘Dowser’ Vicky Sweetlove finds water using divining rods

Therapy Magazine Space Clearing article October 2016 ne

Feng Shui Spirit and Destiny magazine December 2015

Masterclass in Feng Shui” in Spirit and Destiny magazine January 2015

Lost Rivers – Catbird Productions video out now March 2015 – Vicky dowsing the old rivers of London walking through Camden.

More 4 TV – Man vs Weird 2nd June 2014

“Masterclass in Dowsing” in Spirit and Destiny magazine June 2014

Peoples Voice TV – Mark Windows, Windows on the World 13th February 2014 with Jonathan Adams and Klaus Dona discussing World Sacred Sites

Psychic News November 2013 No. 43 Earth Energies and Dowsing Interview with Wendy Stokes.

Psychic News No. 29 January 26th 2013 Earth Energies and Dowsing Interview with Wendy Stokes.

Fountain International online magazine January 2013 Feng Shui and your Garden

In the Daily Telegraph’s Top 50 weekend courses look under “mystic megs”.

On “Jane Goldman Investigates”, LivingIt TV May 2012 – Map dowsing and divining for water.

How your Garden can Improve your Health, Wealth and Wellbeing. Inspired Magazine October 2011

Healing Vibrations at Avebury Stone Circle and Crop Circles High Spirit Magazine August 2010

Feng Shui Your Office High Spirit Magazine April 2010

How Feng Shui Can Double Your Money High Spirit Magazine March 2010

Feng Shui Society Conference February 2010 Feng Shui Ancient and Modern
Watch Vicky speaking at the Feng Shui Conference in London on “An exploration of Feng Shui Energy Ancient and Modern” link to Youtube:

The Art of Chinese Face Reading High Spirit Magazine February 2010

Mysticism, Mantras and the Magic of Bali High Spirit Magazine January 2010

Space Clearing and Feng Shui in Spain High Spirit Magazine December 2009

A Wedding and Feng Shui in India High Spirit Magazine Oct/Nov 2009

The Feng Shui Secret High Spirit Magazine July 2009

The Mysteries of Peru, High Spirit Magazine June 2009

Dowsing and Divination for Health and Happiness, High Spirit Magazine May 2009

Feng Shui in the Kitchen, Soul and Spirit Magazine May 2009

Synchronicity, Standing Stones and Earth Energies at Limoges, France High Spirit Magazine April 2009

London Time Out – Spring Walks in London The river Effra March 2009

Chinese Animal Signs for 2009 High Spirit Magazine February 2009

Feng Shui Vision Board High Spirit Magazine January 2009

Feng Shui for Christmas High Spirit Magazine December 2008

“My Near Death Experience” High Spirit Magazine November 2008

Feng Shui for your Car High Spirit Magazine October 2008

Huna Retreat in Hawaii High Spirit Magazine September 2008

“Secret Suburbia” TV programme for Sky Three August 2008

How EMF’s affect your Health High Spirit Magazine August 2008

“What is Geopathic Stress” High Spirit Magazine July 2008

“Feng Shui to Sell your Home” High Spirit Magazine June 2008

Feng Shui for Style High Spirit Magazine September/October 2007

“Feng Shui in the Garden” High Spirit Magazine June/July 2007

Feng Shui consultation in “Heal your Homes” section Spirit and Destiny Magazine July 2007

Feng Shui article in Heal your Homes section Spirit and Destiny Magazine January 2007

Paranormal Norfolk article on Geopathic Stress Winter 2006

Organic Life magazine article on Geopathic Stress October 2006

Article on Dowsing in Spirit and Destiny magazine January 2006

“Secret Suburbia” TV programme for Sky One November 2005

Talk on “The Power of Dowsing ” 5th October 2005 Feng Shui Society meeting at Rudolph Steiner House, London.

Feng Shui article, Essex Enquirer 17th February 2005

Talk to IQPS (Institute of Qualified Professional Secretaries) on “Feng Shui in the Office” 16th February 2005

Article in Spirit and Destiny magazine May 2004 – “Meet the Dowser”

On “Jane Goldman Investigates”, Living TV 4th November 2003, 8th August 2004 and 2nd October 2004 and May 2012 – Map dowsing and divining for water.

Vicky Sweetlove Dowsing at the Three Sisters