Shaman Courses

“Introduction to Shamanism”

£75.00 for 1 day Saturday 19th August 2017 11.00 – 5.00p.m. held at Worship Street, London,

To make a booking for one of our shaman courses email:, tel: +44(0)1279 654129 mob: 07885 945008

The Shaman course is an Introduction to Shamanism for people who are new to shamanism and also for those that would like a refresher course.

During the weekend there will be guided meditations as well as journeys on your own and with a partner, whereby you will meet your guides for each shamanic world, the lower world to meet your power animals, the middle world of the fairies and the elemental kingdom and the upper world of the angels and gods and goddesses

This course will cover many aspects of Shamanism and journeying and many will receive healing from the day that will continue into your everyday life. Shamanism can help you realign your thoughts and bring balance back into your life again giving you a clearer outlook on life.

  • Shamanism and journeying with the drum to the Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds
  • Meeting your guides at each level
  • Connecting to your Power animals for guidance and working in pairs
  • To learn about Soul retrieval and how trauma can affect our lives in the loss of parts of our soul and how we can bring those soul parts back without trauma to help us move on in our lives.
  • Working with the elements of the Medicine Wheel the air, earth, water, fire and the spirit – know the power of each of the directions and how we can use the medicine wheel in divination.
  • A journey to bring back gifts from a past life to assist in this life to improve our quality of life and bring abundance
  • A general shamanic healing – to ask your guides what is the type of shamanic healing that is needed at this time.

We will also be doing some outside work in nature tuning into the trees to receive messages from the trees and connecting to the land guardians to work with the elements of fire, air, earth and water – for what we need from those elements for the day.

Bring with you comfortable clothes to lie on the floor and a cushion and blanket to cover yourself, notebook and pens and pencils. If you have a rattle or drum then bring that too. Everything else will be supplied on the day. Also suitable clothes for outside work for all weathers and something to sit on.

To make a booking for one of our shaman courses email:, tel: +44(0)1279 654129 mob: 07885 945008

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Psychic Development Courses

Psychic Development – Develop Your Psychic Abilities Workshop

for one day Saturday 13th May 2017 10.30 a.m.-4.30p.m. at Worship Street, London EC1

Vicky has developed her gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentince and clairaudience since as a child growing up, she was shown by her mother the wonders of “mother earth” and the nature spirits and often played with “fairy beings”. She lived in many places where there were “ghosts and spirits” and her mother even called in the local priest to carry out an exorcism on the flat she lived in and then told her mother “they are still here” meaning the “spirits” she was 18 years old and although she had a great connection to the earth and the elementals the “spirit world” was something that she had not seen this closely and now she saw them just like another person in the street in the “real” world.

Vicky’s experiences up until then had been of experiencing broken windows and scratches on the face and even feeling and sensing spirit, but this was now another experience of seeing and talking to spirit. She realised that there was nothing to fear from this “etheric world” and learnt over the years that the “spirit world” can give advice and help us in many ways and give direction.

Vicky has developed courses in Shamanism, Dowsing and in Psychic Development so that you to can enhance your gift of the sixth sense. We have forgotten how to connect as our lives have become an electric paradise where we no longer need to think for ourselves the “internet” does it for us. In this Psychic Development course you will learn to link with spirit and with the “universal internet” the information field, to gain information through your own sixth sense to benefit you and others..

We all have this ability to a lesser or greater degree we just have to learn to hone the gift that we all have and use it for the good of ourselves and others.

The course will include developing your intuition with various exercises:

  • meeting your spirit guides,
  • psychometry,
  • remote viewing,
  • oracle card reading,
  • psychic protection,
  • automatic writing,
  • crystal divination,
  • meditation to bring back a talent for this life,
  • how to give a reading using stones and shells,
  • practicing giving readings with partners.

We will also be clearing our own energy fields by “feathering” and balancing our chakras.

You will go away from this course feeling energised and invigorated and know how to into your sixth sense and can use the valuable tools that you have learnt from this course in your everyday life.

To book to attend this course or for more information email:
or tel: Vicky on tel: +44(0)1279 654129 mob: 07885 945008



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