Akashic Records Retreats

Akashic Connections Retreat at Dev Aura, Little London, Tetford, Lincolnshire LN9 6QL
with Vicky Sweetlove, £1845.00 (book here) from Sunday 31st July to Friday 6th August 2022

The retreat will include all meals starting with dinner on Sunday evening and finishing with breakfast on the Saturday morning and 6 nights accommodation and Akashic Records tuition with Vicky. You will receive on completion of the retreat and your case studies a certificate of completion as an akashic records practitioner.

Akashic Wisdom is a journey of self discovery and transformation and change with working in the Akashic Records of yourself and others. If you would like to come on a journey of self discovery and have the awareness and be ready for change and transformation. Then you can become the chrysalis that turns into the beautiful butterfly.

When we know how to let go of the patterns that no longer serve us and listen to our hearts and not our heads, the ego which chatters to us all the time. We can then be more thoughtful and guided in our outlook for ourselves and others around us
We will learn to take more notice of the messages from nature and the synchronicities that we are shown every day that can help to inspire us on our true journey to be passionate, loving and giving in order to be fulfilled in our lives.

Knowing you can change the past

We will be doing inner work on ourselves looking deep into our body internally and also working on the external body field. Working with a timeline of your past present and future. Knowing our shadowside and as Carl Jung states “The Shadowside is 90% pure gold”. Working in our own Akashic Records with Akashic wisdom will help you to understand the shadowside as we delve into our past life experiences and childhood traumas. We can then learn to understand other peoples inner conflicts and problems and be non-judgemental.

Discover what can be inherited from our DNA and our ancestory, and how this can all have an effect on our current lives. We will know how to use methods to change our story to create new patterns and new storylines. How we can bring “gifts into our present life from our past life or DNA family that will help us on our journey in life.

The work we will be doing in the Akashic Records will help us to understand and accept ourselves with love and to understand other people’s conflicts and problems by being heart centred and grateful for our own blessings from the lessons we will be learning from our own shadowside.

The reality is that we are love and love is in everything around us in the universe. Love can be the “butterfly” effect to changing the planet with your thoughts and actions

Acquire the wisdom of knowing your own journey

The work in the Akashic Records works on the processes of connecting to your own heart energy and changing how we see our Story in life and helps us to see that we are on a journey of self discovery, letting go of our limiting beliefs and values that have been passed on through family values, ancestory and our DNA. When you join the journey this week into your Akashic Records and rewrite your life’s journey, you know that your life will be transformed and it will enable you to make transformations for others.

The week will include the programme below plus more surprises as we connect and meet together as a sharing group, holding our intentions for one another each day. We will be in nature and having meditations and journeying into the Akashic Records and learning how to open and close the records for ourselves and others in sacred prayer. Come and join us for a fun transformative week in the Akashic Records.

More Information

All three modules will be covered during the week. Each day will start with breakfast then we meet in circle and finish the day with dinner and conversations some free time and some surprises On completion of all case studies you will receive a Practitioners Certificate.

Akashic Connections Days 1 and 2

We start with how to make your own sacred space and cleansing our energy field to feel safe and secure when opening and closing the records for yourself and others

Open yourself and your heart to your full potential and work from that heart space to be truly guided in the right direction in you life. This course will help you find direction, heal your ancestral line and traumas held within the body. Know your true destiny and the deities that can assist you in your daily life. Over the weekend we will connect to Our Akashic Masters and Keepers of the Records in order to open our own Records and open the records of others with permission.

Meet your Akashic Guide for Working on yourself and your energy field. Cleansing your energy field and balancing. Bringing balance to the auric field of our bodies on all levels to prepare us for the start of the Akashic Journey.
Know about soul retrieval for lost fragments from traumas in present and past lives and making ourselves whole, release negative thought patterns and make a new map for your future

Healing our karmic history. Working on a time line and healing our future ancestral DNA. Opening our records on different time lines in the past and future.
Connecting with the masters for guidance to give to others. Know how to change the past for others and know how to change traumatic events in the present.
How to open our own Akashic Records in the book of life and opening the Akashic Records for others. Receiving guidance with your life and your journey in this life. Seeking the best options when there are choices to be made for all concerned. Working with the Universal Grace points.

Akashic Connections Days 3 and 4

We will visit a local place of interest to work with the Akashic Records of place and time.

There will be further work in the Akashic Records for ourselves and others.

  • Know how to Ground and protect your energy field
  • Work with the Akashic Records of your home
  • Learn how to balance the energy of your home through the Akashic Records
  • Know how to connect to the energy of a place – synchronicity walk in nature and the akashic records
  • Journeying to meet your Akashic Guides in the higher realms
  • Connect to the “elementals” of places through the Akashic Records and your “spirit power animal”
  • How to work with your own sacred symbol
  • Creating a medicine stick to hold your dreams and wishes for the present and future
  • How to ask advice from the Masters of the Akashic Records to assist in our everyday lives where we feel “stuck” in our choices
  • Know how to gain knowledge about with the energies of your home to benefit you. Know how to connect to the Akashic Records of your future homes.

Akashic Connections Day 5

  • There will be more advanced work in the Akashic Records for ourselves and others.
  • Working with advanced Universal points for greater releasing of old stuck traumas
  • Doing more work in the Akashic Records for yourself and a partner
  • Going on a Quest with your Akashic Masters for guidance and gifts to help you on your Quest
  • Connecting to the super hero you through the Akashic Masters to use this essence of you in your life today your Sovereign self the true you.
  • Working on a deeper level with our Ancestory and DNA connections
  • Experience a “rebirth” with the Bridge of Transition to bring renewed energy and balance into your lives and others.
  • How to realise when synchronistic events are happening in your life and that it is not just a coincidence.

Vicky has been teaching and giving Akashic Record readings for many years, she trained in Bali with Ernesto Ortez and became a 4th generation Akashic consultant. She gives consultations to clients all over the world on Zoom, Skype and one to one readings in business and personal life transforming peoples lives on all levels.

Its recommended to wear comfortable clothes, bring a blanket/throw and cushion, pens, coloured felt tips/pencils, notepads, ruler. Any snacks you like and any special dietary needs please let Vicky know and this will be noted.

There are various options, single bedrooms, twin rooms and triple rooms. You can share with a friend or make a new friend and share with someone you dont know or choose to have your own room With this choice there will be a single room supplement of £27 per night a total of £162 for 6 nights for the whole week. This is a link to the website www.devaura.net When booking or making an enquiry a sample of menus. travel recommendations and pictures of the gardens and meditation room and bedrooms can be sent to you It will be a very exciting week of revelations, joy, love, sharing and transformation.

To make a booking or for more information,
email: vickysweetlove@vickysweetlove.com, mob: 07885 945008 tel: +44(0)207 7238932+44(0)1526323809