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Space Clearing

Space Clearing harmonises and neutralises the energy in a space. It is important that the energy used and the intention put into programming the atmosphere will support the life you want.

Previous occupants of a house or office, that have experienced divorce, bad luck or bankruptcy is called ‘predecessor chi’, these negative energies remain in that space and can affect future occupants and businesses. To clear these energies for “history not to repeat itself”, space clearing the house or office and re-programming the atmosphere with your own good intentions, will encourage harmony, health and good relationships.

Negative energy can be felt in a room where people have been arguing, the same can be said if you walked into a room where people are happy and laughing the energy is positive. Space clearing cleanses and energises the space and removes stuck negative energy where it has built up in corners like “cobwebs”.

To ensure a fresh start, clearing the Geopathic Stress and then clearing the Space in which you live is important. Especially if Feng Shui enhancements are used such as wind chimes and crystals as these work on the energy that is already there and could cause further problems.

After space clearing, people feel better, more clarity in their lives, more energy and the house or office will feel brighter and happier and they will start experiencing better health and happiness in their lives.

Vicky will clear negative energies and harmonise geopathic stress bringing positive vibrations back into your home or office, making the space more energized and positive for good luck, marital bliss and a profitable business.

I connected with Vicky through having an Akashic records reading when I asked why my son is scared at nights. What a big surprise I was told that in his room is a ghost portal.
We arranged the date for the clearing .
It was a big experience to watch Vicky …she was working for four hours in my house and she found not just one portal in my house but two. Another one was in my garden studio.
I feel safe and I can feel that the house energy is clean.
I would recommend Vicky to everyone who has a similar problem.
She is amazing ?

Stanka from Ealing

Clutter Clearing

Have you found you are stuck in a rut, life is not going as it should be – you may find that when you go through the front door it is cluttered with coats, shoes and old newspapers. If this is your Career area it will be symbolic of you not being able to move on in that job, or no job and no promotion.

If you have clutter in the centre of the home / office it will affect all areas of your life including health, relationships and wealth.

If your cupboards are full of old clothes, duplicate items – Vicky can help you sort out the clutter to make big changes in your life.

Even your garden is affected by clutter with old flowerpots, dead leaves and ponds that are dirty.

If anything needs fixing or not working mend or get rid of it this will affect that life area it could be your relationships area with no partner in your life!

Learn how clearing one little thing every day is more sustainable than binge-clearing a whole lot of things all at once. Identify what you are “holding on to” and let go and see the changes in your life.

To book a space clearing consultation contact:

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Orange liliesSpace clearing Redwood TreesLantern for feng shui space clearingSpace Clearing - BellOrchid and plants for feng shui space clearing
Feng shui space clearing
Feng shui space clearing

Geopathic Stress

Rainbow waterfall - geopathic stress Geopathic stress is where the geological structure of the earth has changed or where there is underground water. It can also be caused by disturbances such as piling foundations for buildings, extensions, mining, underground rail systems, cables and drainage or anywhere that has had a war, mental hospital or trauma to the earth, which has upset the earth’s natural global grids. Two such named grids are the Hartmann and Curry grids, named after these Doctors researched and found that their patients who had cancer where all sleeping on earth energy grids that had their natural rhythm upset by underground water causing health problems to the people living in these houses.

Signs to look for, are lines of clutter in your home/office, in the garden, there will be ants, bees, tree trunks will twist out of the way of Geopathic Stress, ivy and moss will grow; ghosts are attracted to Geopathic Stress. When harmonising the Geopathic Stress lines Vicky will clear any ghosts that are attached to these lines bringing peace and harmony to these negative areas.

Stone cairn - geopathic stressResearch by the Dulwich Health Society, has identified that Geopathic Stress can cause sleep disturbances, ill health, particularly cancer, any illness related to the immune system. Within an office this can cause, headaches, lethargy, absenteeism with sick office syndrome alcoholism, diabetes, parkinsons disease and MS.

In Germany and Austria their governments fund and continue research into Geopathic Stress and the disease it causes in the body with cancer and harm to our immune systems with long term exposure. When combined with other types of energy pollution such as EMF’s it has been researched by Gerhard Hacker and Gernot Pauser from Salzburg University that this can cause abnormal cell growth and cancer. It has been known for a long time that when there is flowing water under a dwelling the inhabitants always feel more tired, are prone to premature aging and have a loss of vitality more than those who sleep above neutral ground, they will also suffer from migraines and depression.

It may come as a surprise but in Austria and Germany the first thing the Doctor asks when you have any of the above symptoms is “how long have you been sleeping in your bed?”

These harmful earth energies can be harmonised and treated for example with earth acupuncture similar to people having acupuncture to their own bodies when they are out of balance and this will bring balance back to the earth. If earth acupuncture is not possible Vicky works with crystals and various grid systems and has a very high success rate.Her dowsing website is for more information.

Technopathic Stress Electromagnetic and Electric Fields (EMF’s)

Electro magnetic fields - geopathic stress and technopathic stressMan-made electricity has only been available for about 150 years and in great quantities since the 1950s. This means that our bodies are now regularly bombarded with several million times more EMF than 150 years ago caused by electricity pylons, substations, satellite dishes, microwaves, mobile phones, wifi, immersion heaters, mobile phone masts, electrosmog from neighbours houses, overhead pylons, cordless phones, baby alarms and transformers, our bodies are technopathically stressed from our everyday living.

Emissions from these fields coming from electrical wiring and equipment can affect our normal brainwave patterns and can have a negative effect on our health. These effects include insomnia, fatigue, restless sleep, waking up feeling tired, lack of concentration, depression, at the higher risk levels it can cause diabetes and cancer. The risks of adverse health effects increase if you already have allergies, a reduced immune system or other chronic health problems. Risks also increase with the length of time spent in the Electromagnetic Field and by its strength.

They can be combatted by checking the Electromagnetic Fields within your home with a meter and advice given as to the best way to alleviate the problem. is an excellent website with lots of information about the effect of EMFs and Wifi in our homes.

To check on mobile phone mast sites to and put in your postcode and the phone masts will be marked as blue triangles if they are near your home.

Another website to look at is which updates how electricity and electromagnetic fields affect our bodies and gives advice on how to alleviate the affects.

If you do find you are having aches and pains, have broken sleep, headaches and feel lethargic, stiffness, back aches and bloating then you could be suffering with unacceptable levels of EMF’s and Radiowaves in your home it would be beneficial to have an EMF and Microwave survey.

Tips for a Technopathic Stress Free Home

waterfall-feng-shuiUse a wired ADSL router. These are cheaply available for both phone line and cable broadband users, and are actually more efficient than Wi-Fi. If your existing wireless router is close to where you use your computer, connect to it directly using a standard Ethernet (LAN) cable and switch off the wireless transmission or Netgear Powerline for examples.
If you cannot replace your Wi-Fi router, at least make sure you switch it off at night. Connect your computer peripherals through an energy-saving demand switch that will automatically kill the power when the main computer is shut down.

Use a normal wired landline phone. If you must have cordless, use a ‘low radiation’ model like the UK-made Orchid range: or the Siemens Gigaset.

Minimise Calls on mobiles by keeping calls short, or send text messages instead. Use speakerphone mode if possible. Keep your phone in a handbag or briefcase, away from your body. When making a call, do not hold the phone to your ear until it starts ringing, this reduces exposure by approximately 90%.

Red flowers Don’t put beds against a wall if you know there are any power cables behind it or the electric meter for the house.

Use wood framed beds and mattresses without springs, a latex mattress is recommended as the metal springs distort the natural geomagnetic field in our bodies.

Baby monitors that are digital and wireless transmit high power microwaves into the babies cot its best to use a system that uses the mains wiring.

Say NO to Smart meters these are the meters that the gas and electricity companies want to install in your home so they can read your electric and gas usage via a wireless meter that uses a radio signal to transmit the readings to the electric and gas companies.

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