Shamanic Drum Workshops

“Shamanic Drum Workshops”
being held in Shoreditch, London EC1V with Vicky Sweetlove”

The drum journeying workshops are monthly working with the energies for each month and celebrating the elements of the Celtic Medicine Wheel. The cost is £30 for each day from 6p.m. to 8p.m. 18th November 2023. 2024 dates TBC Book here

Book in advance as its a popular workshop. Please contact Vicky for availability before booking course weekends.

Each month we will connect to the wisdom energies for that time of year as we gather together, to bring the positive energy changes in our world that we live in and our homes and our lives and this creates the “butterfly effect” to metamorphosis to create a happy and beautiful world to thrive in. Bring your drums and rattles with you or I will have some rattles to borrow.

Bring something for the “altar” if you wish it to be energised and imbued with the energy of the month, even a stone, shell or piece of wood.

Each month we will receive guidance through our journeying from our spirit animals, spirit guides or the elemental kingdom. Sometimes there can be healing, other times discussion, its all about coming together and being one vibrant energy. Come with an open mind with no expectations – then the magic happens!

Each month we will raise the vibration with drumming at the beginning of the circle and end the circle with a healing drumming journey to keep our energy vibration high.

You will write down any messages you receive from your journeys as we go into the lower world , where our animal guides will meet us, the middle world, the connection with the fae and the elementals, the magical kingdom and the upper world, the gods and goddesses and angelic beings and have written guidance in how to move forward and take the next step in your life. This is not the end this is just the beginning as the more you connect in your journeys to your spirit guides and animals the more you see the signs and synchronicities in your life.

Have a notebook and pens and pencils and wear comfortable clothes and have a cushion or blanket to lie on for the journey work.

To make a booking email:, tel +44(0)207 7238932 mob: 07885 945008