Today we have accepted a full asking price offer on High House.
Vicky, I can’t thank you enough. All the changes you suggested made a real change to the feel of the house. After three years on the market, our beautiful 500 year old house still hadn’t sold. We’d adjusted the price, had an avalanche of viewings and some offers too but, there was always something that prevented a sale from going through. We followed every single one of Vicky’s suggestions – opening up an old well, changing colours from cool to warm in certain areas, adding plants, changing sleeping directions and revitalising ‘stagnant areas.
Kate Sharp, Old Harlow, Essex

I would just like to thank you for your teaching over the weekend. The 3rd module was amazing and I really enjoyed it.
Thank you also for patience with me and all my questions throughout all the levels.
I am grateful to Source for guiding me to learn about the Akashic Records and for you to have been my teacher.
You have taught us all so much with so many different aspects of the Records for us to tap into and I thank you for that. Mary R. Romford

I loved each module. We students got to know each other very well through the readings and it was quite wonderful how we all connected.
You structured the lessons very well and I liked the way you presented your material and how you were very approachable. The course was full of surprises and has greatly enriched my life. It is like this course has added a new dimension to my life and enriched it greatly. G.Clarke Gidea Park

“In a world of uncertainty, Vicky has helped me to restore my faith in things and has helped me to feel that my life could be much more open to the good in the world, much brighter, and full of possibilities.

Having worked with Vicky on a few occasions, I feel that I have been graced with her wisdom, warmth, and sincerity. She has a very experienced, grounded, professional, and practical approach, which has made me have full confidence in her work. Even months after our consultation for Feng shui and space clearing, she has also been kind enough to offer email support.

I would definitely recommend Vicky for space clearing and Feng Shui consultations” A.S, Norwich and London.m>

Many thanks indeed. I really enjoyed the Space Clearing course, it really grabbed my attention. Leon Horsham

Just wanted to share with you the feedback from the yoga centre I have been working on
They have just been awarded no 1 Yoga studio in the U.K. she said Lots of great things keep happening. Thank you for being such an amazing teacher.
Nini London

I just wanted to email you to thank you for taking the time to come and space clear my new flat. The energy in the flat has definitely changed quite dramatically. The builders are coming in tomorrow to make a start and it will take them 2-3 weeks. Initially, (before the space clearing) they said that they couldn’t start for another week but after the space clearing they can start more or less straight away! Also, the quote that they gave us for the work was below what we were expecting, and the boiler expense is £500 lower than what we thought it was going to be. We are definitely going start feeding the birds and actually we are going to get a bird feeder stand and also we would like to put up a little bird house nest!
Thank you so much Vicky, your work really has shifted something and I feel a lot more energetic towards the flat, rather than overwhelmed by it.
Michaela, South Woodford

Vicky, thank you so much for your detailed report. It was marvellous of you to come and dowse our place, it did feel clearer afterwards and we implemented your suggestions. We both feel better and more energised now. The house feels better too, happier somehow.
Liza and David, Framlingham Norfolk

Vicky, A big thank you for everything.
You are making a big difference into my life and I am really grateful as each time it gives me more energy and positivity.
Thank you so much Vicky.
Virginie, London

We had the best nights sleep in months !!
Raffy settled well and slept 10/11 hours in his new bedroom too.
Things are definitely different!!!
Thank you again.
Ella, Duxford

Thank you so much for coming over to our barn and working your
house clearing wonder. I almost immediately felt better and
continue to improve. So thank you again for all your wisdom
and experience. It has really helped.
All the best Ben
Ben Coode-Adams, Essex

Thank you so much Vicky, I am really grateful for all your work, the changes were seen within a week specially with the job offer – its amazing! I have always believed in Feng shui but the space clearing and rituals you carried out has definitely proven to be working as I am not that anxious and stressed anymore. I feel confident and the house feel like very good too. I certainly would recommend you to my friends and take future advice. Great work Vicky- God bless, continue spreading positivity!
Parminder Preet Kaur, London

Thank you for such a lovely weekend. I really enjoyed the course. You clarified many of my questions about how to connect with our spiritual guides and get the proper answers. I also learnt so much more about dowsing, how to find the signs of the presence of positive/negative energy in the nature and inside of ourselves. I gained a very precious knowledge and would recommend it to everyone who would like to benefit in everyday life.
Valentina, London

I just wanted to write to let you know how much I enjoyed the Feng Shui workshop. It was full of information that I’m putting into practice at home now and it was good fun to share ideas with the others. My house is coming together nicely now.
Lynne , Wickford, Essex

The goal board recommendation you made has certainly had an impact. I’ve now booked my holiday to Australia and have started a blog.

Even though it’s a year on since your visit, I thought you’d like to know I’ve got engaged to the love of my life 🙂 So after attending your course in London and having your consultation things have really moved on! My working life is also going great too 🙂

I will certainly employ your services again when buying a new place.
Abigail J, Aylesbury

Having recently moved to London in a new apartment, I came to Vicky’s Feng Shui workshop hoping to understand some of the Feng Shui concepts I wasn’t able to understand with books, to be able to apply those to my new home.
Although I haven’t yet applied a lot of the things learned, the results have already been fantastic! Only 3 days later, I received a tax reimbursement which I thought I would not get for another few months as it usually takes a long time to be reimbursed. Considering these improvements, I will continue to implement Feng Shui in my home. Thank you Vicky for this amazing week end!
C. Lepin, London

Just wanted to say thank you very much for a really enjoyable day on Satuday. It was nice to be able to learn about such things in a relaxed environment with just a small group of like minded people. We both thought that it was really informative and no doubt you will be seeing Christine and I on some more of your workshops in the near future!
Carol and Christine, Essex

Thank you so much for coming here on Sunday and for your great work on clearing the Gardens. A big job. – Thank you also very much for clearing the energies of the chair.
Anne L, London

Oh I have some good news … after the consultation I received a call from a Managing Partner of a Consultancy to come for an interview the following day. I am hopeful that this small start in the right direction will continue on to bigger and much better things.
D. Mistry, London

Thanks Vicky,attached latest report from my boses. “Suey Yip top salesman for Wk 37 – Great work”
S. Yip, Bristol

Your consultation has definitely benefited Michael, before you came he was working three nights a week, but now he is really busy with 5 nights a week, sometimes 6. I am so pleased to see the postive life changes for Michael. He also sleeps better now which I am not surprised after sleeping under so many electrical wires!
R. Montgomery, Essex

We really noticed a difference after Vicky had cleared our house – for a start our sleep really improved and the house felt much calmer. We have also used Vicky’s services when our neighbours had large building works done, our sleep became disturbed again, this time with awful nightmares -Vicky helped us remotely (didn’t need a visit) and despite the building work carrying on for over 2 months we are still doing well. A big thank you.
A. Wilding, New Forest

I cannot thank you enough for the tranquility and good nights sleep that my whole family now has………….our lives feel much more balanced and less stressful, no doubt I will be emailing you again
Ruth, Chirk, N. Wales