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Vicky’s Web Sites

International Dowser – – Dowsing Geopathic Stress and Dowsing Courses
Vicky Sweetlove – Vibrational Alchemist and courses

Feng Shui

The Feng Shui Society UK website –
Mastery Academy Feng Shui –
Feng Shui Store UK supplies Feng Shui products worldwide
International Feng Shui Guild –
Astrocartography Elliot Tanzer –

Dowsing and Earth Energies

The British Society of Dowsers website –
London Dowsers website –
Chris Street’s Earth Stars a huge pattern of sacred geometry linking London’s ancient sacred sites
Prehistoric sites
Planetary healing –

Spiritual Development

College of Psychic Studies, London –
Hawkwood Residential College, Stroud, Gloucestershire –
Soul Coaching Course
Warrior in the Heart Foundation –
Shaman Society –
School of Intuition and Healing –
The Spirit Guides –
Sacred Trust –

Spirit Release Organisation – Founded in June 2011 by David Furlong as part of SRF (Universal) Ltd. The Forum has brought together a dynamic team of therapists and doctors who are dedicated to helping support individuals suffering from imbalances between spirit/soul and the mind/body.

Spiritual Resources

Caduceus magazine –
Cygnus Review –
Fountain International Magazine –
Hay House books –
Kindred Spirit magazine –
Paradigm Shift New Age Magazine –
Spirit and Destiny magazine –

General Resources

International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

Alternative Medicine, Complementary Health Directory & Resources –
The British Complementary Medicine Association –
London Directory
Organic beds and mattresses –