Space Clearing & Clutter Clearing

Space Clearing

Space Clearing harmonises and neutralises the energy in a space. It is important that the energy used and the intention put into programming the atmosphere will support the life you want.

Previous occupants of a house or office, that have experienced divorce, bad luck or bankruptcy is called ‘predecessor chi’, these negative energies remain in that space and can affect future occupants and businesses. To clear these energies for “history not to repeat itself”, space clearing the house or office and re-programming the atmosphere with your own good intentions, will encourage harmony, health and good relationships.

Negative energy can be felt in a room where people have been arguing, the same can be said if you walked into a room where people are happy and laughing the energy is positive. Space clearing cleanses and energises the space and removes stuck negative energy where it has built up in corners like “cobwebs”.

To ensure a fresh start, clearing the Geopathic Stress and then clearing the Space in which you live is important. Especially if Feng Shui enhancements are used such as wind chimes and crystals as these work on the energy that is already there and could cause further problems.

After space clearing, people feel better, more clarity in their lives, more energy and the house or office will feel brighter and happier and they will start experiencing better health and happiness in their lives.

Vicky will clear negative energies and harmonise geopathic stress bringing positive vibrations back into your home or office, making the space more energized and positive for good luck, marital bliss and a profitable business.

This is some of the feedback from clients:

Thank you so much Vicky, I am really grateful for all your work, the changes were seen within a week specially with the job offer – its amazing! I have always believed in Feng shui but the space clearing and rituals you carried out has definitely proven to be working as I am not that anxious and stressed anymore. I feel confident and the house feel like very good too. I certainly would recommend you to my friends and take future advice. Great work Vicky- God bless, continue spreading positivity!
Parminder Preet Kaur, London

We had the best nights sleep in months !!
Raffy settled well and slept 10/11 hours in his new bedroom too.
Things are definitely different!!!
Thank you again.
Ella, Duxford

Clutter Clearing

Have you found you are stuck in a rut, life is not going as it should be – you may find that when you go through the front door it is cluttered with coats, shoes and old newspapers. If this is your Career area it will be symbolic of you not being able to move on in that job, or no job and no promotion.

If you have clutter in the centre of the home / office it will affect all areas of your life including health, relationships and wealth.

If your cupboards are full of old clothes, duplicate items – Vicky can help you sort out the clutter to make big changes in your life.

Even your garden is affected by clutter with old flowerpots, dead leaves and ponds that are dirty.

If anything needs fixing or not working mend or get rid of it this will affect that life area it could be your relationships area with no partner in your life!

Learn how clearing one little thing every day is more sustainable than binge-clearing a whole lot of things all at once. Identify what you are “holding on to” and let go and see the changes in your life.

To book a space clearing consultation contact:

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Feng shui space clearing
Feng shui space clearing
Feng shui space clearing
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