Remote Feng Shui Consultations

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Remote Feng Shui Consultations

Remote Feng Shui Consultations

Vicky carries out Remote Feng Shui Consultations services when it is not viable to carry out an onsite consultation .

What is required

To carry out a remote feng shui consultation Vicky requests a floor plan of the home of all floors with information about the properties surroundings the land and where its location is. She will explain how take the compass readings that are required for the consultation.

Dates of birth of all occupants that live in the home or office and your main reasons for requiring the consultation. She will require Google Earth images, a video or photographs of your home/office space.

What you will Receive

You will receive all Feng Shui recommendations for the home/office where the afflictions are for the year and Feng Shui remedies.

A remote feng shui consultation will include an environmental survey for Geopathic Stress and any other detrimental energies will also be given with recommendations.

Vicky will offer activation dates according to QMDJ for health, wealth and relationships or anything else that you require.

Buying and pre-purchasing a property

When you are thinking of buying a new property. Vicky can carry out a pre-purchase Feng Shui assessment for you remotely from estate agents details, a floor plan and photos and an accurate compass direction.

Google earth and area photos also assist in the analysis to enable Vicky to provide you with details as to whether the property will be beneficial for you and any Feng Shui recommendations that need to be done before moving into the property.

A remote feng shui consultation can assist in locating detrimental areas in the home, office or the land and recommendations given to harmonise the energy of the space.

A Clients feedback

We really noticed a difference after Vicky had cleared our house – for a start our sleep really improved and the house felt much calmer. We have also used Vicky’s services when our neighbours had large building works done, our sleep became disturbed again, this time with awful nightmares -Vicky helped us remotely (didn’t need a visit) and despite the building work carrying on for over 2 months we are still doing well. A big thank you.
A. Wilding, New Forest

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